Wake Up, Indian youth!

Written by Nakshatra Vundamatla, KIETW, CSE


Wake up!!! Indian Youth, Not because it’s morning.

Wake up!!! Indian Youth, Not because your dreams are boring.

Wake up!!! Indian youth, Because it’s time to open your eyes!

And see what you are up to!!

It is nice to see my young friends paying Condolences to the martyr. But this is not the only expectation from the youth of India.

The Army is contributing their lives for the Nation. Are they only the citizens of India? Aren’t you?? What is your contribution to the Nation?

Why should we rush for other nations to get superpower to face opponent nations? Why can’t we (Youth of India) strive for turning our India a Super Power Nation?

Today India is in a very volatile region with anti-Indian neighbors. Strategic power only can’t help India. It must be coupled with developmental power too.

Why should we wait till 2050 for India to become a Super Power?

Let’s all fasten the growth through high employment rate and Innovation and make India a superpower nation soon, which will bring everyone to the feet of India.

We, the youth!!!!

We, the power of our Nation.


Written by Nakshatra Vundamatla, CSE

Kakinada Institute of Engineering & Technology for Women


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  1. Amuktha

    Exactly..most touched article

    1. amit

      Hi Amuktha,

      Thank you for reading.


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