Overview of Paid Ads-Google & FB Ads

Paid Ads:

Paid Ads is a kind of advertising that we have to pay for, earned or owned advertising. The price paid for the ad space is settled through the process between the Space Owner and the Marketers.

Importance of Paid Ads in marketing:

The efficient way of marketing on any channels is can be done by the advertising. This is an effective way to expose our company’s name to the market. Paid advertising is a cost effective way to expose than any other. Paid ads can be usually displayed on the sides, tops, and bottoms of the web pages to the end users. On their popular websites marketers can pay more to increase their brand in the market. To increase the popularity for paid ads recently you can use the effective platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Types of Paid Ads:

There are several types in Paid Ads. Paid Ads includes Display Ads, PPI (pay-per-impression), PPC (pay-per-click).

Display Ads:

Display Ads is just like an online advertisement that is a designed image or a photo. Viewers can click on the image. Display Ad is also be known as banner ad.

 PPC (Pay-Per-Click):

          PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is another type of online marketing. In this type of marketing the advertisers can pay a fee each time when their ads are clicked. One of the most popular advertising is that Search Engine Advertising.

 PPI (Pay-Per-Impression):

If you want to do online marketing to promote your brand into the market you can use PPI which means every time you can pay when the ad is displayed on a particular web page.

Google Ads:


Google ads are the best advertising platform which can be developed by Google. The initial released date of Google Ads is 23 October 2000. This is the best Google tool.

 Importance of Google ads:

Google ads are the best way to grow your business and this is the effective approach. If you want to reach more new customers in online to grow our business, then Google Ads are the best and effective technique. When you are working with Google Ads, then you have to understand how Google Ads will work and how this investment can be useful to grow your business within budget. So for advertising on Google is very useful to grow business.

The cost of the Google ads can be varied which can be based on the number of factors, including our keywords, geographical location, company or industry and the quality.

Types of Google Ads:

Google ads can have the five different types. They are such as

Search network:

You will use Search network for Google maps and for any budget. It can be used for appropriate choice for business.

Display network:

Display network can be used for small industries and small geographical areas. The budget for display network is from medium to large.


It can be used when you have an eCommerce store.

Universal apps:

It can be used when you have an existing or new app.

Videos such as YouTube:

It can be used when you have video content which we want to promote on YouTube.

Creation of Google Ads:

You can create Google ads in very few steps.

Step 1: Tell us our Goal

Google Ads can help for your business to get more calls for your business, it increases to visit your website or company.

Step 2: Decide our location where we have to advertise

You have to decide our location where you would like to show your ads within a certain radius in which it covers the entire countries and the regions.

Step 3: Create our message

For making an effective ad Google ad makes it easy. You can highlight what is the best about your business in short sentences to create excitement in the customers. The customers will excite more when you create by using images.

Step 4: Set our budget

You will never pay more than the monthly budget you set, and you can adjust or pause budget at anytime. There’s no minimum spend, and no commitment

Step 5: Go Live

When people search for any products or services like yours, Google ads will display your ad. Your ads can appear on Google maps and Google search.

Facebook Ads:


For every business, Facebook is a key marketing platform where you can reach more valuable potential customers. Here you can come to know everything about Facebook i.e., from planning the first ad to the advanced developing ad campaign.

Types of Ads:

Facebook Ads consists of different ads which are used to your business advertising and increases the potential customers.

Photo Ads:

In facebook advertising, the great way to get started is simple ads. You can create an existing post by boosting with a photo from your facebook page. Photo Ads are simple that doesn’t mean to be boring. We can add a surprising context to create fun facebook ads.

Video Ads:

It can simply be aspirational due to video ads show your product in action. The video ads provide clear motivation to learn more but it says nothing specific about services. The main advantage is to attract more customers with video ads than photo ads.

Carousel Ads:

In these ads, we can add up to 10 photos or videos to showcase your products or services. To highlight your product you can create different formats and promote to get many consumers.


Slideshow Ads:

To create short video ads which are a collection of photos or video clips and we can add text or music if you don’t have pictures of your own. They have an eye-catching motion, so we need to use less bandwidth why because people who have low internet they can also load well.

Collection Ads:

These ads are offered only for mobile devices to showcase our products that customers can buy by click. It allows people to buy products so collection ads pair with instant experience which makes online shopping easy and may not need a great internet connection.

Instant Experience Ads:

Instant Experience Ads are nothing but Canvas which is a full-screen ad format that loads 15 times faster than a mobile website. If you are going to include a Facebook pixel to your website, it automatically added to your Instant Experience to allow full tracking.

Lead Ads:

These ads are available only for mobile devices because specifically designed to make it easy for people without typing a lot easily give their contact information. 

Dynamic Ads:

Dynamic ads are used to remind the potential customer to purchase and can be very effective Facebook Marketing Strategy. If someone had visited a product page or supposed to be placed a product in their shopping cart on your website.

Messenger Ads:

The best advice is simply to choose the messenger as the desired placement. In facebook messenger photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, dynamic ads all set appears. In facebook feed, you can also run “click-to-messenger”.

How to advertise on Facebook/ Create Ads in Facebook:

  1. Choose your objective
  2. Name your campaign
  3. Set up your ad account
  4. Target your audience
  5. Choose your Facebook ad placements
  6. Set your budget and schedule
  7. Create your ad


For making an efficient marketing advertising is the best approach. Google ads can be a biggest investment process in both money and time but it is the effective method to promote. Search network can make users to make sure your ads have well rank in searches of users who are looking for the brands like yours. For every business facebook ads is a main key marketing platform where you can reach more valuable potential customers.

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